Illustation shows a screen on which boxes are ticked off in green or marked with a red cross. A hand with a magnifying glass enlarges the boxes.

Information management

We help companies minimising the risk of bad debt. Whether credit check or payment monitoring: debiinfo from EOS gives you access to the information you need to succeed in your business.

Your benefits

You identify the default risks for new customers as well as for existing customers in a timely manner
You minimise payment defaults on a permanent basis with the help of a comprehensive risk analysis by our experts
Your receive tools for the professional monitoring of your customer portfolios
You benefit from the largest payment experience pool for credit and risk assessment
You use reliable commercial and socio-demographic data as well as payme

Risk information is important because trust is the prerequisite for a healthy partnership. We support you before and during a business relationship with the necessary risk information about your customers. We work with CRIF, the leading Swiss provider of credit risk management, anti-fraud and address maintenance services.

With debiinfo, you get access to the comprehensive and up-to-date address and economic database of CRIF as well as our own enhanced scorecard information on the payment reliability of your company's new and existing customers.

Our experts check the creditworthiness and economic development of your customers. Indicators and data from our large payment experience pool help you to identify payment risks in a timely manner. This significantly reduces the probability of financial losses.

Information Management with EOS (50 kb)

In a nutshell: Purchase of receivables and receivables management

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