Debt purchase - EOS in Switzerland
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Receivables purchasing – EOS is your specialist for the purchase of outstanding receivables.

Liquidity not risk.

The purchase of receivables by EOS helps you achieve immediate liquidity. In doing so, you sell – once or recurrently – overdue receivables and loans with all rights and obligations to EOS and thus fully outsource the risk of payment defaults to us.

Your benefits

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Immediate liquidity and secured cash flow
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Extraordinary income on receivables that have already been written off
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No risk of default
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Saving of resources in accounting, reminder and legal department
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Positive balance sheet effects, resulting in improved rating
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Immediate completion of internal transactions: factual, legal and financial

The acquisition of your receivables by EOS frees up tied capital and improves the financial flexibility of your company: An attractive solution in times of declining payment morale, rising debt levels and the growing number of bankruptcies.

EOS purchases receivables portfolios of various compositions (debt collection or loss certificate packages or a combination of both). This can be done on a one-off basis for existing debtor files in which you no longer have any interest. Or you opt for revolving cooperation with a regular sale of new receivables.

With solutions for collection of receivables individually tailored to your client portfolio, careful processing and a serious approach, we protect your good reputation even after the receivables have been acquired.

EOS Debt Purchase (38 kb)

In a nutshell: Purchase of receivables and receivables management

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