EOS signs secured forward-flow deal in Hungary.

EOS in Hungary has signed an agreement with UniCredit Bank on the purchase of non-performing loans (NPLs). The first forward-flow deal with secured receivables represents new territory for the company.

  • EOS in Hungary acquires a debt package from UniCredit Bank Hungary with an exposure value of EUR 28 million.
  • A three-year forward-flow deal was also concluded.
  • As well as unsecured consumer and business loans, the package also includes mortgage-backed receivables.

Banks can quickly and reliably free up capital by offloading non-performing loans (NPLs). This is what happened in Hungary, for example, where in order to give itself more financial leeway, UniCredit Bank Hungary sold NPL packages to the Hungarian subsidiary of EOS. What’s special about the deal is that for the first time, EOS is buying secured receivables as part of a forward-flow agreement. This means that the receivables are not transferred in one block but at regular intervals over a defined period of three years.

NPL deal: UniCredit Bank and EOS in Hungary have entered a long-term partnership.
UniCredit Bank and EOS in Hungary have entered a long-term partnership.

Forward-flow transactions impose special demands on the purchaser (for details click here). And the evaluation of the secured receivables is also a complex matter. This is where the real estate experience of EOS is brought to bear (for details click here) – as well as the broad network of external experts with whom the local EOS team works closely.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like further information.

Photo credits: Sebastian Vollmert / EOS (2)

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