Receivables management

Lack of payments can lead to liquidity bottlenecks for companies of all sizes. In addition, processing unpaid bills requires a considerable amount of work. The submission of receivables to the specialist company EOS enables you to minimise payment defaults.

Your benefits

  • File processing from A to Z from a single source, with a single responsibility: Extra-judicial and judicial debt collection and possible loss certificate management
  • Protection of reputation thanks to a serious, professional and fair approach and uniform Group-wide EOS Code of Conduct
  • Excellent connections to offices and courts throughout Switzerland and internationally thanks to local, qualified employees and representatives 
  • largest payment experience pool

It doesn't matter whether you are a medium-sized company, a large company or a group of companies: EOS offers you individual and automated solutions for your receivables management. You benefit from our many years of experience and from the international network of the EOS Group. And while you rely on our know-how, you can concentrate on your core business.

  • We already relieve you very effectively at the moment of the reminder process. With debiremind, you reduce debtor losses clearly from the start, without any legal measures. And the icing on the cake: EOS assumes the full cost risk for you!

    • Your bad debt losses are considerably reduced
    • You receive cash more quickly because overdue bills are paid more quickly thanks to debiremind
    • You relieve your human resources and can fully devote yourself to your core business
    • You have no additional debt collection costs to worry about, because EOS assumes the full cost risk

    Factsheet debiremind: Effective Recovery

  • debicollect is our efficient solution for extrajudicial and judicial receivables management. Consistent, but fair, we ensure a quick receipt of money and handle unpleasant talks with customers for you.

    • You benefit from a quick money receipts because we usually can increase the proportion of extrajudicially obtained receivables significantly
    • You relieve your employees of unpleasant debt collection tasks
    • You make use of our expertise and the experience of our qualified employees
    • You maintain an overview of your cases due to informative evaluations, monthly interim and final billing and the status reports in our daily updated online portal EOSnet

    Factsheet debicollect: Demand consistently

  • debiwatch relieves you from tedious research and monitoring work. EOS keeps track of former customers and consistently monitors them so that they pay their debts.

    • You reduce payment defaults thanks to our
    • consistent follow-up at the right moment
    • You relieve your budget of costly research and monitoring costs
    • You bear no additional cost risks
    • You demonstrate to your customers that you are a consistent and fair business partner who does not just pass the cost of payment defaults on to those of your customers who pay properly

    Factsheet debiwatch: Watchful accompaniment

  • debiguard, EOS’ collection services for Certificates of Shortfall, is completely risk-free for you. EOS monitors the financial development of the defaulting payer and retrieves the maximum for you with consistent follow-up.

    • You benefit from the research, individual approach and active telephone debt collection (motivation collection) by our experienced specialists
    • You receive extraordinary income from the utilisation of (written-off) Certificates of Shortfall
    • You do not have to worry about limitation periods. EOS intervenes at the right time, where necessary and meaningful
    • There is absolutely no cost risk for you, because debiguard remains free for you in the event of a non-successful conclusion
    • You are free from time-consuming monitoring work: Our experts regularly review the current financial circumstances of your debtors and immediately initiate the necessary measures to obtain the receivable

    Factsheet debiguard: Win with loss certificates

In a nutshell: Purchase of receivables and receivables management