Die EOS Group bietet neben dem Forderungsmanagement weitere Dienstleistungen an. Wir kombinieren die Erfahrung unserer Inkassospezialisten mit digitalen Technologien um so effezient arbeiten zu können. Mit uns sparen Sie Zeit und Geld.

We get your cash and keep your customers.

We create win-win-solutions.

We understand your customers and your business. And always come up with tailored solutions that suit both sides. For the right solution we combine talent with technology, brains with bytes and emotional with artificial intelligence. We invest in smart financial services in order to know your customers better than anyone but you. We deliver solutions that serve your purpose best. Whatever financial problem you've got – you can count on us: we'll save you time, money and customers.

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Smart receivables services.

In a nutshell: Purchase of receivables and receivables management

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Smart financial services.

The purchase of receivables by EOS helps you achieve immediate liquidity. In doing so, you sell – once or recurrently – overdue receivables and loans with all rights and obligations to EOS and thus fully outsource the risk of payment defaults to us.

Your benefits

  • Immediate liquidity and secured cash flow
  • Extraordinary income on receivables that have already been written off
  • No risk of default
  • Saving of resources in accounting, reminder and legal department
  • Positive balance sheet effects, resulting in improved rating
  • Immediate completion of internal transactions: factual, legal and financial
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Lack of payments can lead to liquidity bottlenecks for companies of all sizes. In addition, processing unpaid bills requires a considerable amount of work. The submission of receivables to the specialist company EOS enables you to minimise payment defaults.

Your benefits

  • File processing from A to Z from a single source, with a single responsibility: Extra-judicial and judicial debt collection and possible loss certificate management
  • Protection of reputation thanks to a serious, professional and fair approach and uniform Group-wide EOS Code of Conduct
  • Excellent connections to offices and courts throughout Switzerland and internationally thanks to local, qualified employees and representatives 
  • largest payment experience pool
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We help companies minimising the risk of bad debt. Whether credit check or payment monitoring: debiinfo from EOS gives you access to the information you need to succeed in your business.

Your benefits

  • You identify the default risks for new customers as well as for existing customers in a timely manner
  • You minimise payment defaults on a permanent basis with the help of a comprehensive risk analysis by our experts
  • Your receive tools for the professional monitoring of your customer portfolios
  • You benefit from the largest payment experience pool for credit and risk assessment
  • You use reliable commercial and socio-demographic data as well as payme
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