EOS offers different services like receivables mangement to save your money and time. We combine our expertise in debt collection with technology.

We get your cash and keep your customers.

We create win-win-solutions.

We understand your customers and your business. And always come up with tailored solutions that suit both sides. For the right solution we combine talent with technology, brains with bytes and emotional with artificial intelligence. We invest in smart financial services in order to know your customers better than anyone but you. We deliver solutions that serve your purpose best. Whatever financial problem you've got – you can count on us: we'll save you time, money and customers.

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Smart financial services.

  • When EOS purchases your receivables, you generate immediate liquidity. What you do is sell your overdue receivables and loans with all associated rights and obligations to EOS – either as a one-off or a recurring transaction – which means you also transfer the entire risk of payment default to us.

    How you benefit

    • Immediate liquidity and secured cash flow
    • Zero risk of default
    • Free up organizational resources in your accounting, dunning and legal departments
    • Positive effects on your balance sheet and thereby improved credit rating
    • Direct completion of internal processes: effective, legitimate and for the benefit of your balance sheet
  • Receivables management (debiremind)

    We save you time and energy by handling the payment reminder process. With debiremind, you quickly see a major reduction in bad debt losses, without taking legal steps. And best of all: EOS assumes the full cost risk on your behalf!

    Receivables management with debiremind – how you benefit

    • Significant reduction in your bad debt losses
    • You see a rapid increase in liquidity, because thanks to debiremind, overdue invoices are settled more quickly.
    • Organizational resources are freed up and this allows you to focus on what really matters - your core business
    • You no longer need to worry about unexpected debt collection costs, EOS assumes the full risk

    Debt collection (debicollect)

    debicollect is our effective solution for managing your pre-litigation and judicial debt collection. Firm but fair, we carry out difficult negotiations with your clients on your behalf to ensure improved incoming payment rates.

    Debt collection with debicollect – how you benefit

    • You benefit from faster incoming payments, because in most cases we can significantly increase the collection rate of receivables during the pre-litigation phase
    • You free up your employees from performing difficult debt collection tasks
    • You benefit from the expertise and experience of our highly-qualified staff
    • You stay on top of your pending cases with the informative analyses, interim and end-of-month billing statements, as well as the status reports and daily updates available on the EOS online portal

    Monitoring of debtors (debiwatch)

    debiwatch frees you up from laborious research and monitoring activities. EOS tracks your former customers and effectively works together with them in the settlement of their debts.

    Debt collection with debiwatch – how you benefit

    • Thanks to our ongoing and timely follow-ups, you reduce the level of payment defaults
    • You free your budget from the burden of complex research and monitoring expenses.
    • You assume no additional cost risks
    • You maintain your reputation vis-à-vis your clients as a reliable, fair business partner who does not simply shift payment defaults on to his clients in good standing

    Loss certificate management (debiguard)

    debiguard is the loss certificate collection solution from EOS where you have zero risk exposure. EOS monitors the financial situation at the debtor and, with ongoing follow up, secures the best possible outcome for you.

    Loss certificate collection with debiguard – how you benefit

    • You benefit from our research, our search for individual solutions and the proactive, (motivational) telephone collection approach used by our experienced specialists.
    • You realize significant yields on the processing of (written-off) loss certificates
    • You don't need to worry about limitation periods – EOS duly takes care of this, where necessary and appropriate
    • You assume absolutely no cost risk, since debiguard is free of charge for you in the event of a negative outcome
    • We take care of all the complex administrative details for you: Our debt collection experts regularly monitor the ongoing financial status of your debtors and immediately implement the appropriate steps for the collection of your receivables

    International debt collection (debiinternational)

    debiinternational is our dependable solution for your international business transactions. With a strong global debt collection network, EOS helps you work with your defaulting clients successfully and in accordance with the law – in any country and any language.

    How you benefit from international debt collection at EOS

    • dependable debt collection services in over 180 countries, with 25 EOS offices and selected partners all around the world
    • you communicate in your own language in all international cases – no foreign language necessary
    • "All in one" solution: Debt collection before, during and after legal proceedings
    • quick resolution – the majority of all cases where payment is made are resolved without legal proceedings
    • your reputation is protected due to the EOS Group Code of Conduct
    • the efficient quality management system applied across the EOS Group guarantees the highest level of quality

    Contact us and find out how your company can profit from the international debt collection services at EOS. EOS Global Collection

    Client references

  • Risk management and CRIF Services (debiinfo)

    We help companies minimize the risk of losses from bad debts. Whether credit rating information or monitoring payments: the debiinfo solution from EOS gives you access to the information you need to manage your business successfully.

    With debiinfo you gain access to the comprehensive and up-to-date address and economic database of CRIF as well as our own enriched scorecard information on the payment reliability of your new and existing customers.

    How you benefit

    • You recognize default risks with new and existing customers at an early stage
    • You minimize payment defaults in the long term, with a comprehensive risk analysis prepared by our experts
    • You can access instruments for the professional management of your client portfolio
    • You benefit from credit and risk assessment data from the largest payment experience pool
    • You work with reliable commercial and socio-demographic data and payment information for the preparation of your risk and business potential analyses

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