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EOS study European Payment Practices 2018

  • Payment practices 2018 in Switzerland

    Payment defaults were reduced by one percent, in comparison with the 2017 results 2 percent of the bills are not paid at all. The share of invoices with payment delay however has increased in the last year. Every sixth outstanding bill (16% vs 15% in 2017) was paid too late.

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  • Reasons for Poor Payment Practices

    Private customers claim temporary cash flow problems and excessive debts as main reasons for payment delays. Business customers however delay payments because their own customers fail to pay. And business customers tend to make use of supplier credits.


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  • Using Modern Payment Methods in Switzerland: 31 Percent of Companies Offer This Option

    Customers in Switzerland prefer conventional means of payment. At over eighty percent, bank transfer and buying on account are the payment method most frequently offered by Swiss companies.
    Currently, only 31 percent of firms offer payment by digital means – mostly online transfer via third party providers. Only five percent of companies offer the option of using mobile payments or e-wallets. 

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  • The Risks of Payment Delays and Defaults for Companies

    Almost every fourth company resolves upon a restrictive hiring policy and price increases to absorb the consequences of payment delays and defaults. Another frequently applied measure is a decline in investments.

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  • Positive effects for companies through the use of debt collection service providers

    Already over fourty percent of the companies in Switzerland are working with debt collection agencies such as EOS. Seven percent of company revenue flows back into the economic cycle.

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  • Encouragement of good payment practices

    87 percent of the companies in Switzerland that work with receivables management services agree that using debt collection companies has a positive influence on payment practices of consumers as well as companies. A high figure! 

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  • Challenges facing receivables management until 2020

    Companies in Switzerland consider the need to keeping pace with technological changes, the effort to  digitalise business processes and to reduce costs among the biggest challenges for a successful receivables management.

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